PureVPN Coupon 2017

PureVPN Coupon 2017 – find the top PureVPN coupons and discount codes of 2017. Save up to 50% on VPN Hosting with our featured deals.

PureVPN is one of the top providers of internet freedom, offering secure, speedy, safe connections over virtual private network. As a provider of affordable, encrypted service with a number of available servers, this company has established a reliable customer support base and plenty of reasonable offers for all user needs. Offering an interface for over 3 different connections at once, as well as zero logging, servers all over the country, and a reliable connection at all times, PureVPN offers discounts and pricing choices for everyone. Using PureVPN Coupons is a good way to quickly get a discount on your first month of service, saving money in the long run.

PureVPN Coupon

PureVPN Coupons

There are plenty of PureVPN coupons available to help you find a steep discount when first signing up or switching plans. The company offers a 35% discount on their basic package, while also giving you a referral discount (in the form of one month free service) every time you bring a friend in. By using PureVPN coupons, you will ensure that you get the best deal any time you sign up for one of their packages.

Pricing and Plans

PureVPN offers a monthly package with the first month free, and then $12 per month after, as well as a 2 year package where you pay just $2 per month. In addition, they offer a 6 month plan for $9 per month and accept all major forms of payment, including Paypal, credit cards, and more.


Offering a number of features including apps and software, 20 different devices that can be connected, and over five hundred servers in 140 countries, PureVPN is one of the best providers of online virtual private network service you can find.

In addition, the company has recently begun a virtual router service that lets you use your laptop or desktop as a virtual router. This enables all users to connect to at least ten different devices for VPN service.

PureVPN also provides up to 5 different multi logins on one account, as well as all servers being accessible over one package. This means you don’t have to scale up in pricing or cost for your plan to still gain access to premium servers.

Unlimited Server Switching

The service also provides user with server switching between servers to allow you to choose any area you want for connectivity. It doesn’t matter which plan you’ve chosen; you’ll still be able to switch from one server to another quickly and easily.

Split Tunneling

VPN users with PureVPN can select from plenty of different tunnels for sending data, letting you enjoy optimal speed and connectivity. In addition, the company’s unlimited data transfer lets you share, stream, or browse and download to your heart’s content, with no limits on data or bandwidth. This means that content isn’t throttled, capped, or otherwise controlled by an outside source, the way it might be if you were to choose your regular ISP — or another VPN provider as part of your primary internet service.

User Reviews

Many customers who’ve chosen PureVPN have found it to be one of the best programs available for speedy VPN service. One user noted that her connection now remains fully intact and secure at all times, giving her access to plenty of areas she couldn’t to before. In addition, the killswitch feature offered through this network gives her peace of mind in case she has to contend with a sudden shutdown in service . She no longer has to be concerned that her data is being spied on or siphoned by an outside party.

Another user said that the pricing plan for PureVPN is better than others he has tried. He uses this service exclusively, finding it to be one of the best available. He is now able to send and receive secure messages over an encrypted platform that gives him the chance to stay anonymous at all times.


PureVPN is one of the top providers of secure and safe internet service over VPN tunneling. Offering affordable and convenient pricing packages, this provider is rated highly among customers and offers plenty of features for users to choose from. Using PureVPN coupons, customers can sign up for deals with as much as 40% off your first purchase — or an ongoing discount on plenty of other servers and opportunities as well. Be sure to take a look at this VPN provider if you’re seeking a way to connect securely and anonymously.